Ottawa HHH
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Hotline: 613-748-6265
Address: 25 Rockcliffe Way,
Ottawa, ON K1M 1B3
Type of Hash: Mixed club
Runs: weekly, Mondays at 7:00pm
Cost: If hasher's house - $10 (includes dinner and 2 beer), if pub - $5, pay for food separately ($7 - $10 CDN) and beer
Pack Size: 150 active members, 20-40 for average run, fewer in winter
Contacts: Alison "Backwash" Sandeman, 613-789-3887 (H),
Sharon "Bahstan Retahd" Murphy, 613-729-4913 (H), 613-222-8817 (C),
Jason "Plastic Jesus" Murphy, 613-729-1094 (H),
Bill "Sheila" Neelin,
Founded: 1985-05-27
by: Tony Egan, Khartoum